My name is Anu Bharadwaj (Kandikuppa).  I’m a student of fiction writing in the MFA Program for Writers, Warren Wilson College. I have a Ph.D. in Finance, worked in economics consulting for eleven years, and was Principal in a consulting firm in Boston when I decided to follow my long-standing interest in writing.  I began exploring the world of literature in workshops at Grub Street, Boston and writers’ conferences such as Bread Loaf, then decided to get an MFA.

I enjoy writing with strong voice, omniscience, and comic and satirical tones.  I like bringing in surreal elements in my stories and give in to the strangest of my ideas rather than resist them.  Writers who influence me: Donald Barthelme, Albert Camus (The Fall), Dostoevsky (Notes from Underground), Gogol (“The Overcoat”), Kafka, Steven Millhauser, George Saunders, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Bernard Malamud.



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